Everybody Has to Get Their Wisdom Teeth Removed

Everyone has wisdom teeth, and everyone most likely will have to get their wisdom teeth removed at some point in the lives. Even though getting your wisdom teeth removed isn’t very fun, there are some precautions to take that will make wisdom teeth removal a lot easier. Wisdom teeth are considering your third molars. Your third molars are not necessary, and they do not even appear until ages 15-25. There is not enough room in your mouth for your third molars, and that is why you need to have your wisdom teeth removed.

Having your wisdom teeth removed should not be something to be overly concerned about. Since everyone has to have their wisdom teeth removed at some point, there are a lot of oral surgeons that are good at what they do. An oral surgeon will remove your wisdom teeth. When you go to your general dentist, they will take x-rays of your teeth and let you know what it is time to get your wisdom teeth removed. Once your dentist advises you that it is time, he or she can refer you to a great Highlands Ranch dental oral surgeon in the area to remove your wisdom teeth.

You should not postpone getting your wisdom teeth removed because your wisdom teeth can become impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth are not fun to remove and pose many complications with wisdom teeth removal. Wisdom teeth removal should be a fairly smooth procedure. Your oral surgeon will put you under a local anesthetic, and you can expect a couple of days of recovery time. After having your wisdom teeth removed, you should take a couple of days to recover and to take it easy. Some common side effects that can be expected are swelling, bleeding, and some pain. You will usually get a pain medication to help you not be in so much pain. If you are not getting better over the few days after your wisdom teeth removal, you want to go back to see your dentist. You want to take excellent care of your mouth after your wisdom teeth removal, so you do not get dry sockets or an infection in your mouth.

To protect your mouth, make sure you are keeping it clean, do not smoke, or do not drink out of a straw until your mouth and teeth are completely healed. Your oral surgeon will give you specific instructions on how to take care of your wisdom teeth after your wisdom tooth surgery. Make sure you follow their instructions completely because you do not want to take a chance when it comes to wisdom tooth removal.

If you think that your wisdom teeth are starting to come up, then they probably are. Wisdom teeth will start to come up, and feel like they are breaking through your gums, then they will go back down. This can be painful since they do not completely break the surface, they keep on coming up and down. If you can feel your wisdom teeth coming up and down, call your dentist and have him check your teeth to see if you should have your wisdom teeth removed. Wisdom teeth removal timing is crucial for your oral health and your teeth. Do not put off getting your wisdom teeth removed, the sooner you get your wisdom teeth removed the better.