Why Navy Seal Danny Dietz is Celebrated

Danny Dietz was one of the most accomplished US Navy seals in history. He had very strong personal skills which made him a very strong achiever in the navy. Born in 1980 in Littleton and ended up in the military, his resilient nature made him fit in the navy. With time, the young man shot up through different ranks and until his death, he was among the four US Navy seals who had been given the task to kill the warlord Ahmad Shah who was believed to be behind the lethal attacks against the US citizens in Afghanistan.

In 2005, Navy Seal Danny Dietz was among the other three four seals who had gone to search for Ahmad Salah in the mountainous regions of Afghanistan. Unfortunately, they were spotted by anti coalition sympathizers who alerted the Talibans. The Talibans were many and hence overpowered the four Seals. The first one to be killed was Danny. He was so dedicated to protect the other three seals even after being wounded by several gunshots. He still fought even while on the ground and died only when the last lethal shot was directed at him.

Due to this resilience nature, the lone survivor movie about Danny was filmed to celebrate his life. The movie reveals all his life from the day when he was young to the day of his unfortunate death. Look at site dannydietz.org/ and see below at the character traits of Danny as depicted in the movie Lone Survivor Danny Dietz.

Very few of us could not have fought how Danny fought against the Talibans in the mountain. Although the attackers were many, he could surrender or retreat, he kept his feet on the ground with an aim of killing all the militia who even had more powerful weapons than him. After being shot 9 times, the young seal still has energy to shoot his attackers. In the movie, he is seen shooting at the attackers while in pain on the ground. His resilience is something admirable.

One of the strongest personal attributes that Danny held throughout his life was courage. In the movie, Danny is depicted as a very courage man who is ready to fight and defend himself at all times. In Afghanistan, Danny takes the role of a sniper among the four seals and goes together with his teammates to the dangerous mountains to look for the warlord Ahmed. Upon ambush by the militia, he maintains his feet on the ground and fights with the Taliban till when he dies. After being wounded severally, he keeps on fighting with the larger group ruthlessly while trying to protect his fellow Navy seals.

Danny Dietz was one of the most dedicated Navy Seal in history. This made him be honored with the Navy Cross valor in September 2006. During the fight in Afghanistan, he was on the front line fighting with the militia with an aim of sacrificing his life and ensure that the other three seals stay alive. Unfortunately though, only one survived the war. This truely shows that he was ready to die on behalf of his colleagues.