Anarchy Reigns review

Anarchy Reigns

Set your mind to the future, where the over use of chemical warfare has left the world in a complete theatre of war. Massively over-sized mutants roam free and what’s left of the human race have been left to fight over cybertechnology with the help of ridiculous robotic enhancements attached to body parts. Outrageously unimaginable, or utterly brilliant? Welcome to Anarchy Reigns.

When a niché game is released, it can often be disregarded for it’s willingness to sit among the ‘games that are yet to be played’ shelf. Yet Platinum and Sega seem to want Anarchy Reigns to have a duel seat with it’s “half normal price” release in the hope to attract some newcomers to the brawler genre. This can only mean one inevitable fact; gamers with a desire for a solid and vicious beat-’em-up VS players with a love for Streets of Rage are finally in the same arena.

Anarchy Reigns1

It’s a MadWorld

Tutorials can often be over looked when you pick up a game in a genre you frequent often, and whilst there is a nifty achievement to be obtained here upon completion, a simple combat system and a whole single player campaign can fill the newbie void. The missions within the single player campaign are short and full of guilt-free fun but you can often be left wandering the compact battle areas looking for fist fights to fill a scoring system that is never explained. Platinum’s 2009 release MadWorld had a very similar gaming system but where it reigned with artistic beauty for the gore fans and an engaging scoring system, Anarchy Reigns just fails.

Considering Anarchy Reigns is the sequel to the Wii released MadWorld there are holes throughout this, now series. Fans of Madworld may be happy to see the reappearance of characters who perished in-game, or just left bewildered as to why their resurrection is another aspect not explained here. Either way, the ridiculousness of Anarchy Reigns is a possible part of it’s charm.

Anarchy Reigns2

N00b Incinerator

So the story board is a bust, the points system is a fail and it’s beauty is no match on MadWorld; so where is it that Anarchy Reigns rules triumphant? It’s no secret that Anarchy Reigns explodes into fun-for-all in the game’s multiplayer mode but it can leave some gamers once again bewildered. The game’s 16-player Battle Royale mode is not for the faint hearted, as the constant ass kicking any newcomer is absolutely certain to receive could be demoralizing. Especially when you could place a guess that the player with his mic on, belly laughing at your dismay just got a bit lucky with that death inducing hit(< not from personal experience)…

The advice here is to establish a knowing relationship with a character through the singleplayer mode, gain knowledge and the full ability to wield your weapons wisely and head into some of the smaller multiplayer matches – such as Deathmatch or Capture the Flag.

Anarchy Reigns3

Know Your Limit(ations)

Platinum are renowned for their work within the brawler field but Anarchy Reigns just doesn’t live up to it’s developers previous creations. The core focus for Platinum was obviously towards online multiplayer gaming within this title and as a first time venture, you may feel they have come up a little short. The lines within Anarchy Reigns are often blurred and it can be confusing to distinquish just what it is trying to achieve.

Your first few attempts at playing multiplayer matches will be felt harshly on your ego (unless you are a gaming demigod), but there is plenty within the options to get your feet well and truly wet. There are strategies to be defined, attacks to be mastered and spirits to be broken within Anarchy Reigns and with enough practice, you’ll find yourself returning to the arena time and time again.

Whether you are a button smashing mastermind or a highly skilled n00b incinerator, Anarchy Reigns is equal to the £20 price tag it has been released for.

Game details

Title: Anarchy Reigns
Reviewed on: Xbox 360
Available on: PS3, Xbox 360
Developer: Platinum Games
Publisher: Sega
Strengths: Uncomplicated, yet effective combat style
Weaknesses: Lack of storyline, lack of concrete singleplayer
Score: 5/10

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