Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise announced

Naughty Bear is going on holiday this summer. He is jetting off to the tropical Paradise Island – filled with lush forest and sandy beaches. However, there’s a problem in that none of the other bears want him along. Now that is just mean!

Fortunately, Naughty Bear knows exactly what to do: Kill them. KILL THEM ALL!

Sadly though, there are problems with this elegant solution. The Paradise police are not going to take kindly to a bear armed with a machete running round the island and kicking the stuffing out of other bears. There is also the Disco Defence Force and a band of meddling Super Heroes to worry about.

With you taking control of Naughty Bear in this kill’em all exercise in paradise, how will you go about his deadly mission? You’ll get your chance to give the answer when the game is released on Xbox Live and Playstation Network this September. While you wait, why not check out the latest trailer:


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Naughty Bear is packed and ready to cause Panic in Paradise
Milton Keynes, UK — With the great summer get-away just around the corner, Naughty Bear is planning what he needs to take with him on his last minute trip to Paradise Island.It’s only last minute because all those mean old bears didn’t invite Naughty to come along — again — so he better make room for all of his new toys if he’s going to pay them back for being so nasty.With so many bears on the lookout for Naughty he’s going to have to work out just how to get to his target — does he hide in the bushes and mount a sneak attack? Drag bears into the woods to steal their costumes so he can blend in with the crowd? Maybe even wear their brother’s face to get up close and personal with his targets?Whichever route he takes it’s going to be a long day as Naughty Bear tracks down the 36 bears on the Naughty List across 11 different areas of Paradise Island. Even with his brand new combat skills, special kills and ultra-kills galore, it’s not going to be all plain sailing this time around with Paradise police, the disco defence force and even an entire group of Super Heroes running around. Wonder how the cops would react if a Super Hero started taking a swing at them?

Check out the brand new Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise trailer here.

Panic in Paradise takes flight in September this year for Xbox Live and PlayStation®Network but to keep up with what Naughty Bear has been up to, head over to or & join in the naughty fun!

More information on Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise and latest trailers can be found over at and

Panic in Paradise is rated PEGI rated 12+, ESRB rated E10+ (Crude Humour and Fantasy Violence)

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