BAFTA GAME Awards 2012 – The Results

The BAFTA GAME Video Game Awards brought about many surprises last night, with two hat-tricks where many assumed Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 would collect.

In fact, Skyrim and CoD walked away empty handed, with Portal 2 and Battlefield 3 lifting Best Game and Online Multiplayer respectively. Portal 2 also won Best Story and Design, and Battlefield 3 won Audio Achievement and GAME Award of 2011 to complete their ménage-à-trois.

Another big catergory that was hard to predict was Best Action, which went to Batman: Arkham City and a big cheer from the audience. Mark Hamill won Best Performer for his role of The Joker in Arkham City.
The other big surprise was the Sports/Fitness catergory. The obvious answer was that FIFA 12 would wrap it up without breaking a sweat, but on the night the award went to Kinect Sports 2.

The Special Contribution To Gaming award went to Markus Persson of Mojang. Having built his first game at the tender age of 9, he has gone on to become a millionaire through the massive success of Minecraft. The sandbox superstar has been downloaded by millions for the PC and recently, the mobile handheld version has surpassed 1 million downloads on Google Play (Android Market). Not only has Markus contributed to bringing independantly developed games to the forefront of the industry but, through his own success, he has turned to helping other smaller developers complete projects. A well deserved accoclade for Mojang’s ‘Notch’.
The only slight disappointment was the lack of a release date announcement for Minecraft on Xbox 360. It would have been the perfect time (for those of us who are getting impatient).

Congratulations to all those who won on the night and a round of appaulse to BAFTA and GAME for producing a great evening for the games industry.

Full Award Winners:

Best Story – Portal 2
Best Music – La Noire
Audio Achievement – Battlefield 3
Design – Portal 2
Game Innovation – LittleBigPlanet 2
Strategy – Total War: Shogun 2
Mobile and Handheld – Peggle HD
GAME Award of 2011 – Battlefield 3
Action – Batman Arkham City
BAFTA Ones To Watch Award – Tick Tock Toys
Online – Browser – Monstermind
Artistic Achievement – Rayman Origins
Special Contribution – Markus Persson / Mojang
Sports/Fitness – Kinect Sports 2
Online Multiplayer – Battlefield 3
Debut Game – Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
Family – LittleBigPlanet 2
Performer – Mark Hamill – Batman: Arkham City
Best Game – Portal 2

  • Th3scarfath3r

    Why no release date yet? Is it that hard for them to give us at least a set month rather than an entire season in a year as one? They already had it pushed back once, the avatar items released, and microsoft already has the game and needs to be approved formally. And yet they can’t give us an exact release date? I guess Microsoft and Mojang/4j do not realize the massive horde waiting for this. Maybe they should wise up and give us one.

    • Bookboy


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